About Us

Mission Statement

We provide comprehensive and timely automated access to available local and regional college scholarships, as well as lesser-known national scholarship opportunities to both current and prospective college students of all ages.
As an integral part of our mission, we are passionate about assisting economically and culturally disadvantaged, minority, and/or otherwise traditionally underrepresented high school, college undergraduate, graduate and/or adult returning (“nontraditional”) students to further facilitate their access and ability to pursue post-secondary education.
We are “social entrepreneurs” in the truest possible sense.


  • The Scholarship Center Difference
    The Scholarship Center, Inc. is markedly different from other scholarship databases. While our extensive scholarship directory includes many national scholarships, our focus is on the lesser-known, under-utilized scholarships designed to increase your chance of winning!
    Think about this for a second: There are countless organizations offering scholarships for which few, if anyone applies. It might be a college, business, employer, corporation, civic organization, a veteran’s group, a club, or a memorial fund right in your own back yard! These generous scholarships often go largely unclaimed and in some cases, unclaimed indefinitely. At The Scholarship Center, Inc. we not only bring these scholarships to your attention, but we also give you the knowledge and tools to increase your chances of successfully winning these generous awards!
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