Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program

Great news! The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (“Cooke Foundation”) is currently accepting applications for their Young Scholars Program! This scholarship program is opened to academically gifted, but financially challenged 7th grade students! This program extremely comprehensive and puts students on a fast-track collegebound trajectory! Included among the many benefits offered through the program are the following:

Beginning in the 8th grade, and all the way through through senior high of school, Young Scholars receive the following support from the Cooke Foundation:

  • a personal academic and college counselor
  • funding for academic and enrichment programs in the summer and during the school year
  • internship and study abroad opportunities
  • educational resources including books and technology.

To assist in submitting the best possible application, the Cooke Foundation has webinars and supplemental  materials to assist students and parents.  Applications are due April 5, 2017!  It is worth noting that the Cooke Foundation offers an up to $160,000.00 college scholarship, annually, to graduating high school seniors!!

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