• Is The Scholarship Center, Inc. only for certain students?

    The Scholarship Center, Inc. is for students of all ages pursuing post-secondary education, including high school, undergraduate, graduate students, as well as nontraditional or returning adult students.   The Scholarship Center, Inc. posts available scholarships in all academic disciplines as well as those offered for cultural, creative, artistic, volunteerism and many other categories and available to students in all states. The only real requirement is that you are serious about winning a scholarship and use the information provided wisely.

  • Can The Scholarship Center, Inc. help me find a way to pay for college?

    Absolutely. We provide a detailed and extensive listing of lesser-known local and regional scholarship opportunities in your area, as well as information about national and institutional scholarships.  The Scholarship Center, Inc. is an indispensable “instrument” in your college/post-secondary education financing “tool belt” which can potentially result in qualified student applicants obtaining free money to further their post-secondary educational pursuits. There are billions of dollars that go unclaimed annually.  The Scholarship Center, Inc. wants to end that.  Let us help you get your share!

  • Why do you charge money when other websites are free?

    Many of the sites you reference are simply collecting emails to pass on to internet marketers. Their data isn’t scrubbed for reliability and timeliness. We are a premium service that adds scholarships on a daily basis, sends out email alerts to subscribers and has reliable timely data. You will also learn about invaluable money saving tips through the entire college and scholarship application process which will save you much more than the price of a yearly subscription. We are here to make a difference and are vested in your success. On staff, we have multiple scholarship winners and parents who have gone through and/or are currently going through the admissions and scholarship process.

    In order to maintain a database of quality scholarship information and assistance, including, but not limited to scholarship listings, tools, tips and other helpful educational information), The Scholarship Center, Inc. charges a nominal subscription rate to access premium content. In order to remain a strictly substantive content-based directory of scholarships, we intentionally do not accept traditional advertising revenue from businesses that are not scholarship-based, scholarship-related and/or educationally-based. In doing so, we have made a conscious decision not to clutter our website with content that will ultimately end up as spam in your email inbox. A central focal point of our commitment to our users is to not sell or otherwise share or dispense their personal information with other companies, advertisers and/or marketing professionals.

  • Can’t I find the same information on the internet on my own?

    While it is theoretically possible to find some of the same information by searching for it yourself, it could literally take you hundreds of hours to do so and you will still be unable to find the overwhelming and vast majority of our listings. Lesser-known scholarships aren’t generally marketed by their donor organization and as a result are unlikely to show up in a Google search. With our carefully selected search filters, you can find what you’re looking for in a few key strokes. We have proprietary search capabilities as well as direct contacts with a number of scholarship donors, including colleges and universities through which we find and bring previously unpublished information to our subscribers.

  • Do I have to repay scholarships I am awarded?

    No. Scholarships are charitable awards and, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid (which makes them an absolute necessity given the current and foreseeable economy). Although some special scholarships may require a specific service requirement, most do not.

  • Does The Scholarship Center, Inc. guarantee that I will receive a scholarship(s)?

    The Scholarship Center, Inc. does not guarantee scholarship awards, under any circumstances. Rather, we provide our users with a detailed listing of local and regional scholarships (along with lesser-known national scholarships) that are available in their geographic area and for which qualified students can (and should) apply. We are not affiliated with any scholarship donors and/or foundation and have absolutely no influence on any scholarship decision-making process.

  • Will The Scholarship Center, Inc. prepare my scholarship application(s)?

    The Scholarship Center, Inc. does not prepare scholarship applications on behalf of its users. We do provide a sample scholarship application form and a basic primer, culled from the many scholarship applications we locate. Every scholarship application is personally reviewed prior to placement in The Scholarship Center, Inc. directory which helps users streamline the scholarship application process.

  • Will The Scholarship Center, Inc. submit my scholarship application on my behalf?

    No. The Scholarship Center, Inc. will not submit scholarship applications on behalf of applicants. It is the individual responsibility of the applicant to insure their applications, and all supporting documents, are timely received by the appropriate scholarship organization personnel, office or foundation.

  • How frequently does The Scholarship Center, Inc. add scholarships?

    The Scholarship Center, Inc. adds new scholarships daily. Furthermore, here at The Scholarship Center, Inc. we are constantly updating our scholarship directory not only so that we add new scholarships as they become known, but also to update any changes in existing scholarship listings, such as deadline changes, changes in the dollar amount and/or number of scholarships to be awarded, etcetera.

  • Is there a limit on the number of scholarships for which a student may apply?

    While The Scholarship Center, Inc. does not impose (or otherwise suggest) a limit on the number of scholarships for which an eligible student may apply, some educational institutions may limit the number of scholarships (in a particular category of awards) for which a student may apply and/or adjust the respective recipient’s scholarship award package based upon scholarship awards received. Students are encouraged to check with their particular post-secondary educational institution’s policy regarding any limitation(s) on scholarship awards.

  • Why are there scholarships with expired deadlines contained on the website?

    Consistent with our desire for students to engage in long term college scholarship and financial aid planning, our website contains some scholarships which might have expired, but which are generally offered annually. Interested students benefit tremendously from knowing, in advance, of potential scholarship opportunities for which they may subsequently become eligible and when those scholarships are likely to become open and available.

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