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High School Timelines

Image descriptionFreshman Timeline

It is never too early to start planning for college, especially how to pay for college. There are several critical activities you can start as soon as you enter high school.

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Image descriptionSophomore Timeline

Get a jump on the rest of the pack. Check out the timeline of things you will need to do during your sophomore year of high school to maximize your scholarship offerings.

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Image descriptionJunior Timeline

While every year of high school is important, when it comes to getting ready for college, the junior year trumps all. Here’s where starting early pays off. If you’ve waited to do any of the following until senior year of high school, you’ve simply waited too late.

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Image descriptionSenior Timeline

You are almost to the high school ‘finish line!’ Soon you will be able to pat yourself on the back; just not yet! We still have some work to do! Get ready, be organized, start early, and DO NOT procrastinate!

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