Scholarships For You “Oh So Cool” Dads!



We could never forget about you! In fact, at the helm of The Scholarship Center, Inc. are two incredible fathers devoted to actively searching for scholarships for you, your children, as well as their own! As far as we’re concerned, their commitment to making college affordable for all is unmatched!  We thank and appreciate them as we do all fabulous dads! As a small token of our appreciation, and as a reminder it’s never too late to pursue your college dreams, we’ve put together a list of scholarships available to you:


Capture The Dream, Inc. “Single Parent Scholarship”: Capture The Dream, Inc. offers a $1,000.00 scholarship to San Francisco, California Bay area single parents pursuing post-secondary education.  This scholarship is income based and applicants must be enrolled/enrolling in an accredited two or four year college or university. This nonprofit is currently accepting applications which are due June 30, 2016!  You still have time to apply for this one, dads!
American Assembly For Men In Nursing (“AAMN”) Foundation: The AAMN offers several scholarships (up to $5,000.00) for male students pursuing a degree/career in Nursing!  Best news:  They are currently accepting applications until July 1, 2016 for their Pre-licensure “Men in Nursing” Video Scholarship Contest! Get your entries in, dads!
Bread and Roses Community Foundation Jonathan Lax Scholarship Fund for Gay Men:  The Jonathan Lax Scholarship is an up to $20,000.00 award for gay men living in the five (5) county Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties) as well as in Camden County, New Jersey, OR to men attending pursuing post-secondary studies (including graduate studies) at schools within the Greater Philadelphia area.  Although applications are currently closed, these generous scholarships are offered annually!
Whitman College Paul Garrett Scholarship Fund:  Whitman College offers a scholarship, the Paul Garrett Scholarship, to its incoming male students.  Scholarship recipients typically receive awards ranging from $4,000.00 to $52,000.00 and a career exploration trip to New York City during their undergraduate junior year.
Minnesota Private College Fund Edie Phillips Scholarship Program for African-American Men: The Edie Phillips Scholarship Program is a new scholarship initiative of the Minnesota Private College Fund.  In fact, 2015 was the inaugural year for this award.  It provides not only substantial scholarships to its scholars, but mentoring and paid internship opportunities as well.  Applications are typically accepted during the undergraduate sophomore year for awards to be used during the recipients’ junior and senior years.
Beta Theta Pi Foundation “Men of Principle Scholarship” Grant Program:  This award is offered by the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and is awarded to non-Greek male students on campuses throughout the country.  As the scholarship name suggests, this award has significant community service and leadership components, so be sure and keep up with both! The award amounts vary and they are currently accepting applications.
Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (“ASPSF”):  All too often we forget, but dad’s can be single parents too and so this scholarship covers them as well! ASPSF scholarships are awarded annually and statewide to Arkansas residents.  Deadlines vary by county of residence, but they have all the information (plus helpful additional resources) you need conveniently located in one location!
To find out more about these scholarships and others, join us here at Your One Stop Scholarship Shop!”  You can find these and other generous scholarships for everyone in the family here at The Scholarship Center, Inc., built and run by parents (including those two insanely terrific fathers)!

Happy Father’s Day! Hope your day has been wonderful!!

Scholarship Center, Inc. Team