Scholarship Name:

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (“JKCF”) Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

Scholarship Description:

Scholarship offered through the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation to community college students.


Award Amount:

Up to $120,000.00


Number of Scholarships:

Forty-five (45) awards (approx.)

Application Required:


Official Transcript Required:


References and Letter of Recommendations Required:

Three (3) letters of recommendation

Interview Required:


Original Essay Required:


Additional Requirements and Information:

1)  Min. 3.5/4.0 GPA; 2) Must be currently enrolled at an accredited U.S. community college, or be a recent community college graduate (since 2013); 3) Must reach undergraduate sophomore status NLT December 31 (annually); 4) Must plan to attend a four (4) year college or university in the Fall; 5) Demonstrated financial need; 6) Family income may not exceed $95,000; 7) Scholarship payable in the following installments: Up to $40,000.00 per academic year for up to three (3) academic years.


• Students who have attended a four (4) year post-secondary educational institution in the past are not eligible for this scholarship. (If you started at a four (4) year institution, but did not complete a semester of full-time study, then you may be eligible. Please contact the JKCF directly to verify your eligibility.

• To find your college representative, check:





Nationwide (US)

Eligibility Requirements (Check all that apply):

Online application

Additional Applicant Requirements:

Must be a community college student or recent community college graduate

Category (Select all that apply):

GPA, Need-based, Merit-based, Community Service, Extracurricular Activities, School/College

Web Site:

Point of Contact:

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
44325 Woodridge Parkway
Lansdowne, Virginia 20176
Telephone: (800) 941-3300
Facsimile: (703) 723-8030





 October 24, 2017 (NLT 12:00 p.m. ET) (receipt date)

Note: Scholarship information is ALWAYS subject to change. Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant office to confirm qualification(s), requirements, deadline, and transmission mode(s) and address(es).