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Prince George’s County (MD) Public Schools

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DC Tuition Assistance Grant

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Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

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Maryland Grants Office

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Gilman Scholarship Program

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The Scholarship Center, Inc. is markedly different from other scholarship databases. While The Scholarship Center, Inc. includes many national scholarships, our focus is on the lesser-known, under-utilized scholarship dollars designed specifically to increase your chance of winning scholarships!

Think about this for a second: There are countless organizations offering scholarships for which few, if anyone applies. It might be a college, business, employer, corporation, civic organization, a veteran’s group, a club, or a memorial fund right in your own backyard! These generous scholarships go largely unclaimed and in some cases, unclaimed indefinitely. At The Scholarship Center, Inc. we not only bring these scholarships to your attention, but we also give you the knowledge and tools to increase your chances of successfully winning these generous awards!

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