What People Are Saying About The Scholarship Center, Inc.

Here are just a few of the many accolades from organizations and students alike about

•   From a recent $25,000.00 scholarship winner (a University of Maryland-College Park student):

  • @ScholarshipCntr Thank You sooo much! You twitter/website has been so helpful in my scholarship search! Thank you sooo much! You are the best.

•  From the Official Twitter account of the Maryland Governor’s Grants Office:

From the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (“HACU”):

  • @HACUNews recommends that students and parents follow @ScholarshipCntr for the latest and greatest scholarship news available. #Scholarships #FF

From the official District of Columbia Tuition Assistance Grant Program (“DCTAG”) :

  • @DCTAG:Thank you for your kind words and your efforts in making college possible for so many!
•   From, a support network:

•  From a Premium Subscriber:

  • “I attended the Scholarship 101 seminar last night and it was awesome….I had a chance to briefly peruse your website. I can’t wait  to use it. I will sign up for the premium service and follow you on Twitter. You are a valuable resource and I appreciate your efforts.” TW