Scholarships for Native American And Alaska Native Students

As we commemorate and celebrate Native American Heritage Month, here is a sample of the many generous scholarships available to Native American and Alaska Native students:

  1. American Indian Graduate Center (“AIGC”):

    The AIGC is one of the oldest scholarship resources for American Indian and Alaska Native students. Although the AIGC is a primary source for graduate scholarships and fellowships, there are also scholarships available for undergraduate students.

  2. American Indian College Fund Scholarship:

    The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships to American Indian and Alaska Native students attending tribal college, as well as those enrolled at traditional colleges and universities. Scholarships awarded by the American Indian College Fund cover both undergraduate and graduate level studies.

  3. American Indian Education Foundation:

    The American Indian Education Foundation annually awards $450,000 in scholarships to Native American scholars. Of those receiving scholarships, a significant portion of those recipients are “first generation,” i.e., first in their family to attend college. Scholarship recipients also receive invaluable mentoring and support during the award period.

  4. Association of American Indian Affairs (“AAIA”):

    AAIA provides scholarships to Native American and Alaska Native students enrolled in a tribe from the Continental U.S or Alaska. Recipients must be enrolled as full-time students and pursuing an Associate’s degree or higher.

  5. Daughters of the American Revolution (“DAR”):

    Nationally, DAR has three (3) different scholarship funds exclusively for Native American and Alaska Native students pursuing post-secondary education. This includes the Richard and Elizabeth Dean Scholarship for graduating high school seniors which is a four (4) year renewable award valued at up to $20,000.00.

  6. The Morris Udall Foundation:

    The Morris Udall Foundation awards up to $7,000.00 to Native American and Alaska Native college undergraduate sophomores and juniors. The Udall Award is highly competitive and is reserved for students engaged in Public Service and who have demonstrated a commitment to a career related to the environment, tribal public policy, or to Native American health care.

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